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What: Easily convert a jigsaw into a deep tissue percussion massager for an affordable price. 

Why: Optimize training and speed up recovery. Our premium jigsaw massage bits are different densities for different muscles.

How: Use your own saw or scroll down to see some of our favorites. Our jigsaw massage adapter clicks in and is plug-n-play.

People have been spending hundreds of dollars on percussion massagers because they're effective for muscle maintenance. Athletes rely on them for warm ups, recovery and mobility.  Professional therapists have been using them for years. The problem is that premium devices are too expensive for many people. That's where we come in. We help you convert a reasonably priced jigsaw into a legitimate deep tissue massager. For our customers, this means a premium result at an affordable price point!


Our Jigsaw Massage Adapter Sets

The Intro Set

The Intro Set

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The Starter Set - A

The Starter Set - A

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The Full Set

The Full Set

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The Expansion Bits

The Expansion Bits

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Variety: More than one muscle, more than one bit


Mobility Bit Jigsaw Massage Adapter

The Mobility Bit was developed to accommodate a variety of jigsaws without requiring modification. It features a T-Shank that clicks into most tools. The mobility bit is designed to thread into our different jigsaw massage bits. Each bit can be used for different goals and tissue types. You only need one mobility bit for use with all of our different heads.

The Baby Bit Jigsaw Massage Tip

The Baby Bit might be small but it packs a therapeutic punch! Use this little bit to help release tension deep in the muscles. You can massage most muscles but it is extra effective on tendons like the bottom of your feet or forearms. It is made of a hard plastic and slides well.

The Spongey Bit Jigsaw Massage Tip

The Spongey Bit is an excellent choice for a more forgiving bit. It really pounds well but is soft enough to pass over bony area. It is very popular to use around the shoulders and low back.

The Beastie Bit Jigsaw Massage Tip

The Papa Bit is great for large areas and is very forgiving if you pass over hard tissue by accident. It's great for warm up and post workouts and over large muscle areas.

The Mama Bit Jigsaw Massage Tip

The Mama Bit is made of medium/hard density rubber. The little spikes may assist with breaking up adhesions. If used on the skin it can create redness and improve blood flow similar to Gua Sha or IASTM.

The Precision Bit Jigsaw Massage Tip

The Precision Bit is made of a firm rubber, perfect for digging into tight spots that require a small tip to target. This tip has the same cone effect of the gnarly bit, but is more forgiving and better for hard to reach areas.


Why Are We Different?

Our bits were developed by a Chiropractor and competitive athlete who works in the trenches on soft tissue and muscles ALL. DAY. LONG.

This quest for the best way to release muscle tension came after 15 years of using $1500 percussors. They're powerful, quiet, and run all day. However, they're not affordable for home use and they don't have enough power to penetrate extra deep.

We have tested our jigsaw massage bit with a variety of heads and we have received a lot of feedback from our athletes and patients as to which heads work for different applications. In addition, we have received a lot of comments on the different types of jigsaws out there in terms of weight, power, battery life, and speed adjustability.

The key to this operation is the T-shank jigsaw massage adapter that connects with many different saws. We've figured out and designed bits that easily connect with minimal modifications to the jigsaw tool. Combined with different density bits for different muscle groups and techniques, you can become your own professional body worker!

We have used this on ourselves because we also endure the stress of a fast paced life with hard work and play. We are developing a how to section to help solve the common issues associated with high intensity life stress. Check back soon!

Frequently Asked Questions


Our bit will work with most name brand saws that accept T-Shanks. This includes the most current models by Black + Decker, Ryobi, Makita, Worx, Milwaukee, Bosch, & More. 

Known issues: Not compatible with Delwat XR, Rigid brand or Walmart Hyper Tough.


Our bit is machined from one piece of high strength industrial grade stainless steel commonly used for aircraft parts. It is approximately 2 1/2 inches long not including the threads. The head uses M8 threads and screws into our various massage bits.


We developed our bit to eliminate modifications. If you dedicate this tool to body work then it is lighter and easier to work with when removing the shoe on some units.


You should ask a doctor if a DIY percussion massager is safe for you. Do not use over acute injuries, fractures, wounds, organs, cancer, herniated discs, bones, spine, skull, and neck. Stick with the large muscles groups.

  • 5-Star Guarantee

    We want everyone to have a fantastic experience with their jigsaw massage adapter. If something is wrong, let us know so we can make it right!

  • 30 Day Returns

    If you don't love your set, return it within the first 30 days for a full refund.

  • Quality Parts

    All of our parts are made in house and checked for quality. Let us know if a piece breaks or doesn't live up to your expectations, and we will make sure to assist you.

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