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The Concept:

* What: Easily convert a jigsaw into a deep tissue percussion massager for an affordable price.

* Why: Optimize training and speed up recovery. Our bits are different densities & shapes for different applications. Customize your own kit or buy one of our favorite bundles.

* How: Use your own saw or buy one of our favorites (click the catalog link in the menu). Our Mobility Gun will be available for pre-order soon!

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Why are we different?

Our bits were developed by a Chiropractor and competitive athlete who works in the trenches on soft tissue and muscles ALL. DAY. LONG.

This quest for the best way to release all the muscle tension came after over 15 years of using $1500 percussors. They're powerful, quiet, and run all day. However, some of the issues are affordability for home use and not enough power to penetrate extra deep.

We have smoke tested this bit with a variety of massage heads and we have received a lot of feedback from our athletes and patients as to which head works for what type of application. We have used this on ourselves because we also endure the stress of the fast paced life of hard work and play. In addition, we have received a lot of comments on the different types of jigsaws out there in terms of their weight, power, battery life, and speed adjustability.

The key to this operation is the interface or T Shank adapter that connects with many different saws. We've figured out and designed bits that easily connect with minimal modifications to the jigsaw tool. Combined with different density bits for different muscle groups and techniques, you can become your own professional body worker!

We are developing a how to use section to help solve the common issues associated with high intensity life stress. Check back soon!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the specs?

Version 1.0 is currently a Bosch T-Shank that has fitted and into a 304 Stainless Steel sleeve. The threads are 5/16 x 18. The standard length is 2 3/8" from T-Shank tip to start of threads. Version 2 coming soon!

Do I have to modify my tool?

We developed our bit to eliminate and minimize modifications. If you dedicate this tool to body work then it is lighter and easier to work with when removing the shoe on some units.


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What devices can I use this with?

Our bit will work with most name brand saws that accept T-Shanks. Ask us if you're not sure, we're happy to help.

Can I use a jigsaw massager on my body?

You should ask a doctor if a DIY percussion massager is safe for you. Do not use over acute injuries, fractures, wounds, organs, cancer, herniated discs, bones, spine, skull, and neck. Stick with the large muscles groups.


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