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Our premium jigsaw massage bit instantly converts your jigsaw into a percussion massager. This set includes every jigsaw massage bit you need to help with pain relief, sports recovery, and an active lifestyle. Our bits range from soft to hard so you can safely target different muscle groups.

When you buy from Mobility Bit, you're getting quality.

• Our bit is machined from one piece of top grade metal alloy with an offset body (we never use inexpensive 304 steel or other metal that is known to break). The offset body reduces pressure on the bit and means little to no modification to your saw.

Included In Our Full Set:

• The Baby Bit is the hard plastic black ball. It's great for digging into large muscle groups.

• The Spongey Bit is a premium bit that is custom molded. It is made from a material that gives the ball some body and weight, but compresses to offer a softer more forgiving massage. It's perfect for unloading muscular stress while working around sensitive areas like bones and joints.

• The Papa Bit is our most premium bit. It was custom molded in our lab and tested repeatedly to provide the best overall percussion experience. It has rubbery spikes that conform to the target area and dig in to break up tension. It is forgiving around bones and tendons which make it safe and easy to use anywhere on your body. It is our go to bit for pre-workout and post workout muscle activation. It's assists in promoting circulation.

• The Hammer Bit is a rubber flat head tip. This bit is excellent because it thumps hard but its larger surface area helps dampen the intensity on the muscle (vs the cone or ball which dig in). Its great for sliding and pulsing over large muscle groups.

• The Precision Bit is made of a firm rubber, perfect for digging into tight spots that require a small tip to target.

Our bit was made for maximum compatibility. It's best paired with Worx, Ryobi, Makita, Milwaukee, Bosch, Black + Decker. Known issues: Dewalt 20v XR and HyperTough

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