The Expansion Bits

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Due to popular demand we have added 3 new bit heads! This item is for the heads only, if you need the metal bit, click the link below:

Don't own our T-shank Adapter yet? Get the entire Expansion Set here.

These bits are used by health professionals for:

• Targeted muscle release
• Relieving muscle soreness and stiffness
• Improved circulation

The Wedge Bit is a firm rubber scraper. This bit works great for tight channels like between the shoulder blades and spine. Its sort of like a chisel that can relieve stress and tension along broad areas like a the Quads and IT Bands.

The Prong Bit is a medium density rubber Y-shaped head. This bit is an excellent way to work on both sides of the spine. It can also be used around the contours of your body like around your arms. It is medium density and has bend and play to it so it is quite forgiving and provides a softer feel.

The Hammer Bit is a rubber flat head tip. This bit is excellent because it thumps hard but its larger surface area helps dampen the intensity on the muscle (vs the cone or ball which dig in). Its great for sliding and pulsing over large muscle groups.

Note: The Mobility Bit (the T-shank adapter that connects the Expansion Set to your jigsaw) is not included and can be purchased through our site separately. If you already have our Mobility Bit, then you're good to go!

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The Pro Expansion Pack Bits

Love the new bits....high quality..targets sore muscles and trigger points in a new way..a new form..a new angle..I have all their other bits and luv em...a great great great addition to the family :) Kudos Mobility Bit