Safety, Guidelines & Waiver

Rules and Guidelines

Please do not use our products on injured tissue and please ask your doctor first before use.

This is a professional tool and must be used with care. The original intention of this tool is for construction so please use caution and focus when pressing on your body.

Please get familiar with the tool before using it on your body. Make sure the bits are securely fastened and that the battery is charged.

Keep your fingers away from the Mobility Bit where it attached to the power tool.

Squeeze the trigger slowly at first to get a sense of how it works…before touching your body.

You can hold with 2 hands but keep in mind that there are exposed moving parts that could pinch you. Be mindful how you hold the machine.

  • Do not start this device while touching your body.
  • Only use on large muscle groups. NEVER over the skull, cervical spine, bones and organs.
  • Don’t use near your hair or loose clothing.
  • Do not use over acute injuries, fractures, wounds or cancers.

Once it is started, then slowly push into your muscles. Don’t press down too hard. Let the machine do the work. We recommend practicing on your thigh first. You can hold it in one spot for up to 5 seconds then move it. You can gently move it by sliding or re-positioning depending on the bit. Always keep the machine perpendicular to contour of the body.

You don’t need to use this very long. We recommend 1-2 minutes per large muscle group like your thighs. So 10-15 max for the whole body. Start off with 5 minutes and see how your respond.

Waiver of Liability

I am over 18 years old.

I understand that the purchase of a power tool, jigsaw and or power tool attachments may lead to self-harm or serious injury if used inappropriately or excessively. This can lead to muscle soreness, bruising, broken skin, inflamed tissue, pinched fingers, pulled hair and irritations. I also understand that the power tools are originally developed for construction use and they are not originally intended for massage or toys. I agree to use them safely and with the advice from my doctor. I also understand that there are certain contra-indications like bleeding/clotting disorders, muscle disorders, open wounds, herniated discs, over organs, directly on the neck, on the head, on the face, over bones, diabetic neuropathy, pregnancy, cancer, migraines, nausea, vertigo, osteoperosis, surgical hardware, pace makers

I understand that the device can also help my muscles recover from excessive stress that I endure.

I acknowledge that I have discussed or have had the opportunity to discuss all possible risks and treatment with my doctor. My doctor has explained these risks to me. I agree not to sue for injuring myself or others with this power tool. I agree not to hold Mobility Bit, Chappy Wood, Wood Chiropractic, Inc. and all his affiliates liable.

Legal Disclaimer

Statements and content regarding these devices have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.