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Great piece

Absolutely love it! Use it before and after i go mountain biking for warm up and cool down. Took it into my chiropractor and massage the realist office and ended up having to let my massage therapist borrow it for a few day and she loved it and ordered one as well

Good Product, Good Customer Service

I got one of these for Christmas and liked it so much I got one for my son. However, his had a different arrangement of heads than mine. When I asked them about this, they asked if I'd like the head that I was asking about and within two days it was in the mail. Very personalized customer service for an excellent product that fixes all the sore spots on my body.

Amazing product so easy to use

I love these products. They are so easy to use. I lift heavy 6 days a week and these are much needed to massage the muscle after each workout. I can’t recommend them enough.

So far, so great.

I’ve only had this kit for about 3 weeks, but it seems to be well made and durable. Each bit has its own job and they all work really well when combined with my Worx jigsaw/reciprocating saw. This combination is quieter and has a longer lasting battery than the ones that cost $5-600.

Love these

I purchased these to help with warm up and recovery from working out......and man the ability to work some soreness and tightness has been amazing! I would highly recommend these just don’t bring it with you to the your gym unless you are willing to share (learned the hard way)

Mobility Bit

Amazing tool for sore muscles! Genius adapters for a tool we rarely ever used... now we use it almost every day! It really saves my thumbs when trying to get my husbands low back to loosen up!

Game changer!

It just feels GOOD!

Sometimes a foam roller just isn't enough... The Mobility Bit is!!

Thank you!!

Mobility bits are awesome. Thank you for such an amazing product

great product compared to others

I've been using a regular corded jigsaw as a massager and it's been working great. The main reason why I finally gave in to buy an actual massage gun was because the jigsaw is pretty heavy and not very portable. For those 2 reasons, the mobility gun is great. It's light and portable. The case it comes in is very nice as well. My only complaint is that it's not as strong as the jigsaw the I have. I feel a much deeper massage with the jigsaw. A friend of mine has a competing massage gun that will remain nameless, (one of the ridiculously expensive ones) and he said that the power is comparable (and I concur). This one actually has better heads because they are not soft like foam). So overall, I agree that it's as good (maybe even better) than competitors. Better price point. Although I'm not completely convinced it was worth it for me since I get a better massage from the makeshift jigsaw.

Amazing !

This product is absolutely amazing and I’m a very skeptical person whose tough to please. I use it everyday and it feels great. Why spend $600 when you can spend $45 and just add this to an exhisting jigsaw?! I’m thrilled.

Very Good Product

Compact, lightweight, well designed product. I considered buying a jig saw, but am very glad I bought the specifically designed massage unit. It is much easier to handle and to carry, as it comes with a custom carrying case that holds the accessories, too. I have used it to treat a groin injury. I bought two units and gave one to my massage therapist girlfriend. She uses it on her clients and tells me they love it.

Awesome set up!

Great kit! Definitely a new favorite around the house I use mine every day!

Great Product

Fantastic product. I love using the pliable orange ball to locate all the really tight points, then dig into them with the cone. Love this product.

I am a chiropractor in Santa Cruz, CA. The Mobility Gun has been a very useful tool for patients needing deep tissue work. It has benefited patients as old as 92 ,for a wide range of conditions, including spinal and extremity. I am impressed enough with the Mobility Gun to have ordered a second one...great work guys!!

Great purchase

After seriously considering purchasing a very loud, one speed $599 deep tissue massager, a google search resulted in finding these bits. These bits fall into the category of “I wish I would have known these existed a long time ago.” They all work great! Each bit is a “must have” for a different reason. (Except for the little nut, my husband and I haven’t mustered up the courage to try that out yet, and probably never will - it just looks too painful. ). Long story short, the mobility bits used with a WORX jig saw is genius. For less then a $200 investment we have ALL the bits, (we purchased the cone shaped one too - one of our favorities), a multi speed “deep tissue massager” and an extra battery. We are very happy with this purchase.

good short term solution

Its nice if you feel pain , jus saw it in and pain is gone. But it will come back if you not fixing problem:) Tool works .

Highly Recommend this Product!

Fantastic Product, works amazing! Would definitely recommend to someone who is looking for a good strong massage

Amazing bits! Thank you so much.

I frequently do muay thai and lift weights. I get really tight hip flexors along with tight calves. These bits help me select the pressure that I need when massiging out my tight muscles. I did try to make my own bits but the engineering and quality of the mobility bit surpasses my bits. Great investmentment for muay thai and weight training! If you don’t have a mobilty bit set, you are missing out on a speedy recovery.


I was looking for a less expensive option and mobility bit has been awesome. I use a 12v Milwaukee jigsaw. It's a super light weight option and lives in my gym bag. My lower back loves it.

awesome customer service

I had trouble with one bit and a new one was delivered cross country overnight!

Great Quality

Product is well made and easy to use.

Awesome product! Works perfectly.

Love it. Super helpful for activating muscles, working out knots and general massage. Great!

Very Happy

Good quality bit and attachments. Solid option that works well with my jig saw.

Amazing and affordable

Best bang for your buck in the jigsaw massage game! Escpecially since I scooped up a bundle on cyber Monday!


They fit the jigsaw perfectly and work just fine on my muscles.