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Love it

Use it almost every day. Best recovery tool I have

What a greay System!

I love the Mobility Bit System, We got a full set over the holidays and we love it!
Couldn't get a better system out there! Thanks!

Mobility Bits work great

Decided to buy the full package to try different bits on the extremities. All the bits work great for trying to get different effects. Very happy with the purchase and know it will help decrease some difficult musculoskeletal problems on myself and patients

Great bits for percussion massage, excellent customer service.

Great well made products, using the Papa, Baby, and Precision bits with a Worx 550L. Fast shipping, and had a request that was handled very quickly and extremely professionally. Highly recommend the products and the company.

Buy one for yourself and your clinic

I enjoy my Mobility Bit so much I am looking to buy one for myself. I use it everyday on my patients and have gotten great results.

Amazing for muscle tension

I suffer from PTSS, and have constant muscle tension and body aches. Instead of spending money on an expensive device I bought these and a standard jigsaw and find myself feeling much better without having to buy an expensive device or constantly getting massages.

Well Built

The bit package I bought is very heavy duty and reliable. I purchased bits from other companies that were poor quality and broke within week. I am extremely satisfied and will purchase the other pieces.

Great bit.

Been wanting to get this for sometime now. Had it for about 3 weeks and i use it everyday to loosen up tension. Bit is well made. Love it. Ordering spares.

I should have gotten this a long time ago. OMG it works soooooo well

Better than expected

This new bit has been a god send. I was originally using a set up with a lacrosse ball and to tell you the truth it was painful to use and I wasn’t able to get into the small areas. But with this shaped bit I don’t feel any pain and it allows me to concentrate on the muscles that actually need the work.

One of the best things I’ve bought!!!!

I use this not only on myself, but also my wife and all the athletes at the CrossFit gym where I help coach. Everyone loves it and complains when I forget to bring it.

Great great great!

These tools are very helpful and seem to be quite durable as well. They have helped with my recovery and warm time.

Muscle pain relieved.

The mobility bit is great. It has been a blessing. The muscles I’ve been using it on have really loosened up and I have much better range of movement in less than a weeks time.

Mobility bit

Been dealing with chronic SI joint pain for years. Bought several devices to promote healing, spent thousands of dollars on complement therapies. 5 min with mobility bit, and I am pain free. Run don’t walk to get yours it’s worth several times over the price.

The Pro Expansion Pack Bits

Love the new bits....high quality..targets sore muscles and trigger points in a new way..a new form..a new angle..I have all their other bits and luv em...a great great great addition to the family :) Kudos Mobility Bit

Excellent purchase!!!

My background is design and fabrication, I pondered making my own set at one point, I'm glad I didn't I would've had more money and hours into making them!
I was sceptical of the purchase prior to getting them in my hands. to my surprise they're of excellent build quality and work excellent! They are worth every penny!

Totally worth it

I picked up a set for my jigsaw it was very very worth it !! Would buy again and recommend it

Best Value!

I got this for my wife for my birthday and she absolutely loves it! Personally, I am not one for massages, but this helps with sore muscle tissues immensely. I highly recommend getting this package. I actually just bought some more bits in addition to this. I should be receiving those today.

Great piece

Absolutely love it! Use it before and after i go mountain biking for warm up and cool down. Took it into my chiropractor and massage the realist office and ended up having to let my massage therapist borrow it for a few day and she loved it and ordered one as well

Good Product, Good Customer Service

I got one of these for Christmas and liked it so much I got one for my son. However, his had a different arrangement of heads than mine. When I asked them about this, they asked if I'd like the head that I was asking about and within two days it was in the mail. Very personalized customer service for an excellent product that fixes all the sore spots on my body.

Amazing product so easy to use

I love these products. They are so easy to use. I lift heavy 6 days a week and these are much needed to massage the muscle after each workout. I can’t recommend them enough.

So far, so great.

I’ve only had this kit for about 3 weeks, but it seems to be well made and durable. Each bit has its own job and they all work really well when combined with my Worx jigsaw/reciprocating saw. This combination is quieter and has a longer lasting battery than the ones that cost $5-600.

Love these

I purchased these to help with warm up and recovery from working out......and man the ability to work some soreness and tightness has been amazing! I would highly recommend these just don’t bring it with you to the your gym unless you are willing to share (learned the hard way)

Mobility Bit

Amazing tool for sore muscles! Genius adapters for a tool we rarely ever used... now we use it almost every day! It really saves my thumbs when trying to get my husbands low back to loosen up!

Game changer!

It just feels GOOD!

Sometimes a foam roller just isn't enough... The Mobility Bit is!!