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Wonderful product

We ordered a recommended wireless drill and the full set is great. Easy to put in the new drill bit and operate. We are amateurs and it's easy to use.

Works as advertised

Fits to my jigsaw

I love it

It just works

Very well made, couldn’t be easier to pop into a jigsaw. Just awesome. I saved 80% off a theragun.

Great tool for recovery

Love it only problem is my wife beats me to it every night.


The bit was a perfect fit to my Makita jigsaw. I’m so happy with it that I bought two more tips. Thanks!

Best Way to Release Locked Muscles

One of the best investments I have made for myself!

Great product

great product, solid build. no issues so far.


Took it to a competition and was a life saver for my shoulders!!!! Thanks Brandom

Absolutely love

I highly recommend! This is a *much* less expensive approach compared to a Theragun and very comparable. I recommend the hard and squishy bit. Great customer service, too.

Sooooo Good

I've been injured and falling apart for years now to the point where i had to stop training at the gym due to extreme tennis and golfers elbow, I also work 50 hrs a week on my feet and everything had become so tight and was pulling and creating so much strain on my lower back which made me and life miserable. I tried a competitors attatchments which didn't fit in my Ryobi Jigsaw and then found this company that sells Tshank compatible pieces. I have had the pieces for 3 days and have used them morning and night and already I have a bounce in my step, I have felt a thousand times better walking around at work because I feel so much more limber and my mobility has increased like crazy. I've been using the attachments everywhere and my tennis elbow has also gone from insanely painful to barely noticeable. I will keep using my attachments and hopefully in the next little while I will be back to training at the gym. But for general well being I already have my moneys worth.

Great massager

This is a great high powered massager. It is far quieter than an actual jigsaw although it isn’t the quietest device in the world. Very light weight and easy to use. I’m glad I got mine!


I’ve been wanting a percussion massager for a while now, but not willing to pay $600! The mobility bit is a cheap and amazing product! I’m super happy with it. The different bits allow me to target different muscles and areas. I highly recommend it!

Amazing Product

Used my new Mobility Bit as soon as it arrived and I must say it works very well and I highly recommend this product!!


I’ve been using the bit for about 2 weeks now and it’s been great.
My wife is pregnant and has been having lower back pain. But the bit has been helping her and she loves it.

The Full Set

Very Satisfied.

Received my starter set two weeks ago and have been using them on my patients which has led to good results. Thanks again.

The Mobility Gun

Incredible Product

I have used other products such as Tim Tam, hand held massagers and this is by far the best product on the market today. It is light weight, has adjustable speeds and you are able to quickly work on tight muscles to release them. I would highly recommend this product for everyone from athletes to office workers who want relief from day-to-day aches and pains. I use the product on a daily basis and have found that my recovery has greatly improved and I am able to address many issues that I previously had to go to my doctor or body worker to address.

Works great

Life Changing

I purchased and returned two other companies jigsaw massage tips. This is the only one that worked with my Ryobi quick attach because it has the T-Shank. Mobility is cheaper and better than the competition. My shin splints and tight hammies are instantly better.

Great product at a great price.

Mobility Bit works !

Love the mobility bit!

Exactly what I was looking for! I tried the $ 400-600 version a couple of weeks ago at a convention, but I didn't want to spend that kind of money. When I found Mobility Bit on the internet I was immediately convinced and ordered it. I went with the 20 v Worx reciprocating saw and I love it. Much more power than the previous gun I used!


I have used this thing with my old black and decker jigsaw every day since I got it. It is amazing and has held up to me and a lot of my athletes using it daily.

Works perfect!