The Intro Set

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The Intro Set instantly and easily converts your jigsaw into a percussion massager. This bit is a great introduction to percussion massage. The bit is hard so you can dig in to knots and tight muscles. For softer more forgiving bits, check out our Starter Set and Full Set.

The Baby Bit is a hard plastic knob. It slides well over clothes. Excellent for hard knots and focused areas. This is great also on tendons like the bottom of your feet or forearms. Dig in with this one but be careful around bones and sensitive tissue. Comes with the Mobility Bit.

Customer Reviews

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Amazing product so easy to use

I love these products. They are so easy to use. I lift heavy 6 days a week and these are much needed to massage the muscle after each workout. I can’t recommend them enough.

So far, so great.

I’ve only had this kit for about 3 weeks, but it seems to be well made and durable. Each bit has its own job and they all work really well when combined with my Worx jigsaw/reciprocating saw. This combination is quieter and has a longer lasting battery than the ones that cost $5-600.

Love these

I purchased these to help with warm up and recovery from working out......and man the ability to work some soreness and tightness has been amazing! I would highly recommend these just don’t bring it with you to the your gym unless you are willing to share (learned the hard way)

Mobility Bit

Amazing tool for sore muscles! Genius adapters for a tool we rarely ever used... now we use it almost every day! It really saves my thumbs when trying to get my husbands low back to loosen up!

Amazing !

This product is absolutely amazing and I’m a very skeptical person whose tough to please. I use it everyday and it feels great. Why spend $600 when you can spend $45 and just add this to an exhisting jigsaw?! I’m thrilled.