The Starter Set

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The Starter Set instantly and easily converts your jigsaw into a full body percussion massager. The set includes the jigsaw massage bits you need to get started with pain relief, sports recovery, and an active lifestyle. The set includes three different bits so you can safely target different muscle groups.

Our adapter is modular and screws into the three included bits!


1) Threaded t-shank saw adapter (The Mobility Bit)
2) Hard plastic bit (The Baby Bit)
3) Soft Foam ball (The Spongey Bit)
4) Metal Acorn Nut (The Gnarly Bit).

The T-Shank will work with most major brand Jigsaws. This was optimized fit the WORX, Makita Brushless, Black and Decker and Ryobi.

*Our attachments are made from different massage materials already on the market that we have converted into bits.

The Baby Bit is a hard plastic knob. It might be small but it packs a therapeutic punch! Use this little bit to help release tension deep in the muscles. You can massage most muscles but it is extra effective on tendons like the bottom of your feet or forearms. It is made of a hard plastic and slides well over clothes.

The Spongey Bit is an excellent choice for a more forgiving bit. It really pounds well but is soft enough to pass over bony area. It is very popular to use around the shoulders and low back. This is an excellent starting point to get familiar with high velocity percussion.

The Gnarly Bit is very focused and intense. It works like the metal cone tip. It is metal and will hurt if you hit a bony point. Be careful. Don't use it with too much pressure. Float it and use over harder muscle and tendons.

Customer Reviews

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Wonderful product

We ordered a recommended wireless drill and the full set is great. Easy to put in the new drill bit and operate. We are amateurs and it's easy to use.

Works as advertised

Fits to my jigsaw

It just works

Very well made, couldn’t be easier to pop into a jigsaw. Just awesome. I saved 80% off a theragun.

Great tool for recovery

Love it only problem is my wife beats me to it every night.


The bit was a perfect fit to my Makita jigsaw. I’m so happy with it that I bought two more tips. Thanks!