The Mobility Gun

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Get your own percussion massager, paired with our premium bits, for the best price on the market!

This package includes 5 massage heads, each at a different density for a different purpose. The Mobility Gun is super user friendly and has all the features we look for in percussion massage. It includes our Baby Bit (round hard ball for knots and tendons), Beastie Bit (bumpy silicone head for large muscles, soft and extra forgiving), and new Precision Bit (cone head for targeting small areas). Optimize your training and take control of your recovery. It also includes two medium density black foam balls (one medium, one large).

Delivered in a beautiful fitted case, the Mobility Gun features:

Light Weight Compact Design
This massager is easy to handle, hold in one hand, and maneuver. 

Variable Speed Technology
Dial in the perfect speed for the muscle you're targeting with the speed selector knob.

Our massager comes with two rechargeable lithium ion batteries and a charger so you can massage longer on the go.

Adjustable Arm
Swivel the head into 3 positions for your convenience.

Locking Trigger
Lock the unit on or off and move the massager around your body with ease without having to hold down the trigger.

Customer Reviews

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Great massager

This is a great high powered massager. It is far quieter than an actual jigsaw although it isn’t the quietest device in the world. Very light weight and easy to use. I’m glad I got mine!

Amazing Product

Used my new Mobility Bit as soon as it arrived and I must say it works very well and I highly recommend this product!!


The Mobility Gun

Incredible Product

I have used other products such as Tim Tam, hand held massagers and this is by far the best product on the market today. It is light weight, has adjustable speeds and you are able to quickly work on tight muscles to release them. I would highly recommend this product for everyone from athletes to office workers who want relief from day-to-day aches and pains. I use the product on a daily basis and have found that my recovery has greatly improved and I am able to address many issues that I previously had to go to my doctor or body worker to address.