The Mobility Gun

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Get your own percussion massager paired with our premium bits! Optimize your training and take control of your recovery. The Mobility Gun is a premium setup over a jigsaw with 2 batteries, fast charger, speed control, and a beautiful carrying case.

Why the Mobility Gun:

Better Massage Heads
The Mobility Gun comes with 3 of our favorite massage heads, each at a different density for a different purpose. These heads are not the foam balls you'll find in other sets. Designed with a purpose by a chiropractor, this set includes our Baby Bit (round hard ball for knots and tendons), Papa Bit (bumpy silicone head for large muscles, soft and extra forgiving over bone), and new Precision Bit (cone head for targeting small focussed areas).

Light Weight Compact Design
This massager is easy to handle, hold in one hand, and maneuver. It is lighter than a jigsaw built specifically for massage.

Variable Speed Technology
Dial in the perfect speed for the muscle you're targeting with the speed selector knob. The knob has 6 distinct speeds so you can delivery the right amount of percussion to your muscles.

Cordless w/ 2 Batteries
Our massager comes with two rechargeable lithium ion batteries and a fast charger so you can massage longer on the go.
*Comes with US plug and is 110 volt (international buyers may require adapter)

Adjustable Arm
Swivel the head into 3 positions for your convenience.

Locking Trigger
Lock the unit on or off and move the massager around your body with ease without having to hold down the trigger.

At 74dB(A), the motor is powerful and therefore not a quiet vibrating massager. What you'll get is a true percussor that can dig deep into muscles and knots, rather than a vibrating gun that massages surface tissue.

Customer Reviews

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I should have gotten this a long time ago. OMG it works soooooo well

Great piece

Absolutely love it! Use it before and after i go mountain biking for warm up and cool down. Took it into my chiropractor and massage the realist office and ended up having to let my massage therapist borrow it for a few day and she loved it and ordered one as well

Good Product, Good Customer Service

I got one of these for Christmas and liked it so much I got one for my son. However, his had a different arrangement of heads than mine. When I asked them about this, they asked if I'd like the head that I was asking about and within two days it was in the mail. Very personalized customer service for an excellent product that fixes all the sore spots on my body.

Game changer!

It just feels GOOD!

Sometimes a foam roller just isn't enough... The Mobility Bit is!!

great product compared to others

I've been using a regular corded jigsaw as a massager and it's been working great. The main reason why I finally gave in to buy an actual massage gun was because the jigsaw is pretty heavy and not very portable. For those 2 reasons, the mobility gun is great. It's light and portable. The case it comes in is very nice as well. My only complaint is that it's not as strong as the jigsaw the I have. I feel a much deeper massage with the jigsaw. A friend of mine has a competing massage gun that will remain nameless, (one of the ridiculously expensive ones) and he said that the power is comparable (and I concur). This one actually has better heads because they are not soft like foam). So overall, I agree that it's as good (maybe even better) than competitors. Better price point. Although I'm not completely convinced it was worth it for me since I get a better massage from the makeshift jigsaw.